New Inventory of Used Gear at Jireh Supplies

Jireh Supplies has a large inventory of Used Gear for DJ’s, Churches, and Bands.  Click Here for a complete list with pictures.

Brand Model QTY Desc Price Condition
EV  SX500+ 2 2 way speaker with 15in  $400/each Older but good
Mackie 808M 1 8 Channel Powered Mixer $450 Great condition
Audio Technica 700 series 2 Handheld Mics $150 Everything works in good condtion
Sonic  N/A 2 12in Montor $100 Looks older
American DJ Hyper Beam 1 DJ Light $75 Looks good
American DJ Vertigo 2 DJ Light $40 Looks good
Peavey CS800 1 Power Amp $250 Looks good
American DJ Fog Storm 700 1 Small Fog Machine $30 Looks good
Mackie 1202VLZ PRO 1 4 Channel Mixer $125 Good Condition
SoundTech T3X 2 2×15 Speakers/Biampable $250 Good Condition
Pro Co Snake 1 16×4 100ft Snake $150 Good Condition
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