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Contact our BETTER SOUNDING CLASSROOM SPECIALIST at 1-800-478-2591, and we’ll work with you and your school to custom design the perfect classroom sound system for your application, needs, and budget.

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All students in a classroom must hear the teacher to get the best instruction and support. We provide simple sound solutions for classrooms of every shape and size. Our Professional Sound Systems are designed to make it easy for you to identify and purchase the perfect pro-audio system for your specific classroom needs. These user-friendly systems are ready to install or use immediately upon arrival. These same systems can also be customized by our Audio Architects to give you the best possible application for your classroom.

Need Consultant Design and Installation?

Jireh Supplies specializes in design, installation, and support of video, lighting and audio systems for classroom. In order to save money, and not get stressed out, Jireh Supplies is your Calling, One Call 1-800-478-2591 and your classroom will love the new sound system, even the price. I’m sure of it.

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