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30% off Duacell Procell Alalkine batteries at Jireh Supplies #BATTERYSALE

Jireh Supplies is excited to announce the launch of our new website.  Please visit www.jirehsupplies.com to check out our new site. We have completely overhauled our website, and now it is completely state of the art from the ground up.  Our new website is clearer and easier to use.  Best of all, we will be […]

Panasonic Industrial Alkaline Batteries for wireless microphones available at Jireh Supplies

Jireh Supplies in Lawrenceville, Georgia is a major distributor of Panasonic Industrial Alkaline Batteries.  We provide high quality batteries for use in wireless microphones. More information can be found by clicking here Panasonic Industrial Batteries – Performance when it counts! Panasonic Alkaline Batteries are specially designed to provide users with a power reservoir that enables […]

Panasonic Industrial Alkaline Batteries at Jireh Supplies

Jireh Supplies stocks the full line of Panasonic Industrial Batteries.  We stock a huge inventory of the following: Panasonic Industrial Alkaline AA Batteries ( PI-AA ) Panasonic Industrial Alkaline AAA Batteries ( PI-AAA ) Panasonic Industrial Alkaline 9 volt Batteries ( PI-9V ) Panasonic Industrial Alkaline C Batteries ( PI-C ) Panasonic Industrial Alkaline D Batteries ( PI-D ) These […]