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Contact our Volleyball Sound SPECIALIST at 1-800-478-2591, and we’ll work with you to custom design the perfect Volleyball PA sound solution for your application, needs, and budget.

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Nothing is worse than going to cheer on your favorite volleyball team on a Sunday afternoon only to hear a screechy, static-filled, outdated PA system! Our Volleyball sound solutions deliver consistent high-performance sound ideal for play-by-play announcements where vocal clarity and wide coverage is important. Our sound packages are ready to perform upon arrival but can also be customized for your specific volleyball needs.

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Jireh Supplies specializes in design, installation, and support of video, lighting and audio systems for Volleyball courts. Save Money & Time! Jireh Supplies is your Calling when it comes to spiking the Volleyball sound, One Call 1-800-478-2591 and your fans will have better sound and Loving it, I’m sure of it. Let us run all the wire, hang the loudspeakers, and wire up the the amplifier rack plus the sound booth gear.

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